We’ve done a lot of thinking about how to package our coffee in a way that avoids harming the environment. It’s certainly complicated and there’s currently no perfect solution. 

After trying a few different approaches, we are excited to now be using fully recyclable paper packaging for 250g of coffee. You can put these bags into your home recycling bin. 

The bags have a water-based natural coating that will keep your coffee fresh and enables us to seal the bag up before we send it to you. 

But there is a trade-off. These bags don’t have a zip-lock as recyclable zip-lock technology doesn’t exist yet. This means the bags can’t be re-sealed. So to keep your coffee fresh, close the bag up with a double-fold and peg, or decant the coffee into a sealable contained. 

For 1kg of coffee, we are still using compostable packaging but we’re hoping to move to recyclable paper bags soon. 

Best of all, pop into our Lewes roastery for a refill and avoid packaging altogether!