Running cafes and restaurants is demanding. We get that because we’ve been in this industry for years.

These days customers know what great coffee tastes like. Give them that and they’ll be regulars. Let them down and they’ll move on. Tigermoth can help you satisfy your customers with great coffee again and again.

Of course, it starts with the best-tasting beans. But great beans can still be ruined by bad machines and poor skills. We work with La Marzocco, producers of industry-leading coffee equipment. We can help you choose the machines that are right for you, and then source, install, and service them. And we can train you and your staff to the highest barista standards.

Times have been tough recently for everyone – but particularly hospitality businesses. So you want flexibility. Six kilos? Sixty? Whatever you need, we’ll get it to you quickly. And if you’re local, there’s no minimum order quantity.

Tigermoth is no corporate giant. There’s just two of us. We’re Joe and Beatrice. And whatever your coffee needs, we can help. If you’re a cafe, restaurant, workplace or other venue in East Sussex or further afield, please get in touch by writing to contact@tigermothroastery.co.uk or giving Joe a call on 07880 544 946.