About Us


Head Roaster

Joe Smith was hooked the first time he saw coffee being roasted.

For him it’s alchemy, craft, a mixture between art and science. And he’s been doing it now for over a decade.

He started as a barista before joining a large speciality roastery in Brighton. There, he worked his way up to head roaster.

Those years have made him something of a master.

But there are always new things to learn, new processes to experiment with. That’s the joy of working with coffee – it’s constantly evolving.

And with Tigermoth Joe now has the freedom to source the best beans in the world.


Business Manager

There’s a reason Tigermoth gives you the great service you deserve. It’s because Beatrice Brooke brings the organisational savvy to Joe’s huge coffee expertise.

As a mum of three and former manager in health charities and the NHS, Bee knows what it takes to keep people happy and all the plates spinning. And when you meet Bee you’ll be amazed at how she does it all with such a big smile!

For her it’s meeting new people and developing new relationships that make it all worthwhile.