Fresh coffee…the right way. Ethically sourced, expertly roasted and delivered to your door.

Tigermoth Coffee Roasters make truly delicious coffee. We’re an independent, speciality micro-roastery based in Lewes, in the heart of the South Downs. Our coffee is expertly roasted in small batches to bring out the best flavours. 

We may be small and local, but we’ve big ambitions to do things right ethically and environmentally. Drinking our coffee means growers get a fair and sustainable income. And we think seriously about how to minimise our environmental impact.

You can make a one-off order, or sign up to our regular home-delivery subscription service so you never run out of your perfect brew. Tell us how you like it, how often you want it, and we’ll deliver to your door. 

We also work with wholesale customers who share our passion for incredible coffee. Get in touch to talk about how we could support you with coffee, training and equipment.